Kyrus Mobile prevents distracted driving by employees to reduce risk and minimize company liability.


Our patent pending technology seamlessly connects the mobile phone via Bluetooth to a Safety Device attached to the vehicle and instantly disables the phone when the vehicle begins to move, allowing only 9-1-1 calls. Or, as some company policies may permit, full phone usage or hands free calling may still be allowed. As soon as the vehicle comes to a stop, the driver can resume using the phone.

Anti-tampering provisions ensure that the system is always installed and running and will alert an administrator when a device has been tampered with. A comprehensive monitoring and reporting system supplies an audit and compliance trail for legal discovery, and enables management to address violations.

Rolling out a policy to prohibit cell phone usage while driving is not enough; employers must demonstrate that they have been actively monitoring and enforcing the policy. With the distracted driving solution from Kyrus Mobile, employers can demonstrate that they not only prohibited, but also actually prevented, employee usage of mobile devices while driving.

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