Q: What does the KyrusFleet™ solution do?

A: KyrusFleet™ disables texting and other distracting applications on cell phones and other mobile devices, preventing use when driving. KyrusFleet™ engages Safe Mode instantly when the vehicle starts moving, but permits full phone use when the vehicle comes to a stop. Your system administrator, in accordance with company policy or local laws, can configure specific protection settings.

Q: How does the solution work?

A: The Kyrus Mobile solution is quickly & easily installed on each cell phone or mobile device to be protected, and then paired with a Bluetooth Safety Device (a small dongle the size of a deck of cards) that is plugged into the vehicle’s ODB-II port (cars and light trucks) or J1939 port (heavy trucks and buses). These ports have been government-mandated since 1996 and are available on all later-model vehicles. When the vehicle starts to move, the solution enables Safe Mode and prevents the driver from using the cell phone (with the exception of calling 9-1-1) until the vehicle stops. Visit our How it Works page for deeper details.

Q: Are all phone functions disabled by your solution?

A: Users cannot type or read text messages or emails, nor can they surf the web or use other distracting applications. Currently, administrators have the option of banning all voice calls, or permitting voice calls if done through a Bluetooth earpiece and using voice-based dialing. From our surveys, corporate policies fall on either side of this dividing line; either they allow voice calls, or else they do not want any distractions whatsoever.

Q: Does KyrusFleet™ track my location or otherwise examine what I do on my phone?

A: Nobody wants Big Brother looking over his or her shoulder. KyrusFleet™ does not track employee locations, read text messages, scan emails or web traffic, monitor phone calls, or record driving behavior.

Q: How does KyrusFleet™ prevent drivers from tampering with the system?

A: KyrusFleet™ has a full suite of auditing and anti-tampering provisions, to ensure that the system is always installed and running. Administrators can use our website to view daily/weekly/annual audit and compliance reports and ensure conformity with company policy.

Q: Why is KyrusFleet™ better than competitive solutions that use GPS?

A: Other offerings use the phone’s built-in GPS to determine vehicle movement. This is a sub-optimal solution however, due to heavy battery drainage (2-3 hour life), inaccuracy (inadvertent disabling and delay), and the inability to distinguish between driving and riding as a passenger, or on a bus or train. They also lack the anti-tamper and reporting safeguards crucial to ensure compliance.

Q: My company has a policy in place that bans drivers from using phones while driving; isn’t that sufficient to protect us from liability?

A: In May 2012, a Texas court handed down a $24 million judgment ($14M compensatory and $10M in punitive damages) against Coca-Cola – even though the company had a phone use policy in place. While having a policy is a good step, banning phone use alone is not a shield against liability. Without auditing and compliance monitoring, employers effectively have no way of knowing – until after the accident has already happened.

Q: What phones do you support?

A: We currently support:

  • Android® 2.2 or newer
  • BlackBerry® 5.x and newer
  • Apple iOS 5.0 and newer
  • “Flip” and “Feature” phones, running Java or BREW (available late 2013)

Q: Do you support BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server)?

A: Yes, BES deployment is straightforward. We offer a download package of our BlackBerry client files, which the BES administrator obtains and loads into BES. They then distribute the BES package to employees per their usual process and policies.

Q: What wireless carriers do you support?

A: We work with any carrier. Our solution runs on the phone itself and on our servers; there is no interaction with the carriers beyond using the Internet data connection on the phone.

Q: How do we install KyrusFleet™?

A: Installation is simple, and can be done in less than a minute. Just plug the KyrusFleet™ Safety Device into the vehicle’s diagnostic port, as you would plug an AC adapter into a wall outlet. The software can be installed on the phone in one of three ways:

  1. by clicking on a link in a text message we send to each user;
  2. through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for BES users,
  3. by downloading the app through the Google Play store for Android users

When the KyrusFleet™ solution runs for the first time, simply pair it with the Safety Device as you would any other Bluetooth device, like a headset. The solution starts running automatically. See the videos on our website for a demonstration of the installation process.

Q: Does your application work through corporate firewalls?

A: The phone client transmits protection events and other information directly to our Internet service over its own cellular Internet connection, and never reaches the corporate firewall. Actual protection occurs within the phone and does not need any sort of connection to the Internet. Separately, a company IT administrator can log into our website (at to manage phones, people, and reports, and use a web browser with normal Internet connection (https) through the corporate LAN and firewall. Our system can occasionally send emails to administrators and end-users, so email / spam filters need to allow email from

Q: Is your solution secure?

A: Transmissions by phones to our Internet service are encrypted using a very secure SSL protocol. We follow contemporary industry practices to minimize data transmitted and stored, using a secured database. Uploaded data never includes any location information, so the position of a phone or person is not tracked.


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