Policy & Enforcement

Kyrus Mobile enables executives, fleet and safety managers, HR, and IT professionals to simply and effectively manage and enforce cell phone policy and prevent distracted driving accidents.

Works seamlessly in the background

Once our software is installed on the phone and paired to our Safety Device via Bluetooth, the system automatically and seamlessly disables the phone when the vehicle starts to move. If the employee never touches their phone while driving, they will not notice that our solution is running and blocking phone use.  If they attempt to use their phone, they will see the Safe Mode icon, and be prevented from texting, emailing, and other distracted phone use.

Anti-tampering features

If the employee attempts to disable the system by either unplugging the Safety Device, turning off Bluetooth, disabling the software or tampering with the system in any other way, an event will be generated and logged on the administrator portal.  This incident will be included in reports to support auditing and compliance.  The system can also be configured to send an alert to the administrator so that management can take the appropriate action.  Our solution enables employers to monitor and enforce cell phone usage policies, and supply an audit/compliance record, should the need arise, for legal and insurance purposes.

Flexible configuration

If your company policy permits making and receiving phone calls while driving, either with the handset or via hands free devices, the system is flexible enough to accommodate this, and other company-specific configurations.

NOT Big Brother

It is important to note and communicate to employees that the system is not Big Brother.  It does not track the location of your employees, read employee emails or text messages, or monitor phone calls.

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