Provisioning & Support

KyrusFleet™ works on nearly all vehicles from cars to heavy trucks and supports most contemporary smart phones and operating systems.


  • Apple iOS® 7.x
  • Android® 2.2 or newer
  • BlackBerry® 5.x, 6.x and 7.x
  • Windows Mobile® 5.x and 6.x

Installation for the user is simple, with three easy steps, and can done in under a minute.

  1. The Bluetooth enabled “Safety Device” is plugged into the on-board diagnostic port of the vehicle located under the driver’s side dashboard.
  2. The software is installed on the mobile device over the air by simply clicking on the text or email link to start the download process.  Blackberry enterprise users can distribute the software via the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  3. The phone and device are paired via Bluetooth.  This is a one-time procedure.

The KyrusFleet administrative portal is accessed online through a private login and requires no on-site software or support. Administrators can use the administrative portal to make inquiries and view and print daily, weekly, and annual reports to support compliance initiatives.  When inquiring on a specific incident, the administrator can view when the phone was powered on, when it was connected to the vehicle, and when it was in Safe Mode.  The system can also be configured to send automated alerts to the administrator when tampering to the system occurs.

See The Technology In Action

    Watch the Kyrus Mobile Solution Prevent Distracted Driving

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