Simply having a cell phone policy is not enough!


Employers can and have been held liable for the actions of their employees.  This includes lawsuits for negligence due to cell phone usage while driving. Download our whitepaper to learn more about this very timely issue and why businesses should – and must care.


Kyrus Mobile Whitepaper download

  •  This paper introduces the legal theory of respondeat superior, or vicarious responsibility, which says that an employer can be held legally responsible for negligent actions of their employees.
  • It addresses some misperceptions and misunderstandings, for example, the fact that employers can still be held liable, even when employees are using their personal phones or driving their own cars.
  • It reviews a few high profile cases including CocaCola who recently paid a $24M settlement to a woman who was injured by a company employee in a car accident.

Every business large and small must implement, and enforce, a cell phone usage policy.

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