Solutions Overview

Kyrus Mobile provides the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution to disable text messaging and other distractions on cell phones while employees are driving.

Easy to administer

Easy to install and set up, our software runs on the cell phone or tablet and communicates directly with the Safety Device in the vehicle via a Bluetooth connection.  When the vehicle starts to move, the mobile device goes into Safe Mode and everything except for emergency 9-1-1 calls is prohibited.  Some companies wish to allow either full phone usage or hands free calling; this can be configured as well.  When the vehicle comes to a complete stop, the device unlocks and is ready for immediate use. Any texts, emails or voicemails that arrived while the device was locked are instantly available.  In addition, integrated security provisions prevent tampering.  A rich administrative portal, which includes a dashboard and reporting system, provides alerts and auditable compliance reports to enforce cell phone usage policies.

Mechanism for monitoring and enforcement

With Kyrus Mobile, companies can now demonstrate that they not only established and communicated a cell phone policy, they have a mechanism for monitoring and enforcement.  Employers can identify employees who do not adhere to the policy and can take appropriate action.  Our management dashboard and reporting system provides a detailed audit trail for insurance and legal purposes.

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