Technology Overview

Our innovative technology leverages and integrates with existing automotive technology to prevent cell phone use while driving.


Every car and light truck sold since 1996 has a data port, called OBD-II (On Board Diagnostics).  This port enables mechanics access to maintenance and emissions data, including real-time vehicle speed.  Our Safety Device, a small Bluetooth dongle, plugs directly into the port, which is located under the driver’s side dashboard.

Instantly protects when the vehicle starts to move

Our software running on the phone is then paired via Bluetooth with the safety device. When the vehicle starts moving, it instantly disables the phone from texting, emails, web surfing and all other distracting functions.  When the vehicle comes to a complete stop, the phone immediately becomes operational.

Works in the background

If the employee is not driving, they experience nothing different on their phone.  If they try to use the mobile device while driving, they will only see the SAFE MODE and a button to call 9-1-1.  All other functionality will be blocked according to the policy of the company. If the company policy allows hands-free calling the driver will be allowed to make and receive calls using an earpiece or speakerphone.

Rich reporting administrator portal

For compliance and reporting purposes, the mobile device will continually log and transmit compliance and tampering attempts directly to the Kyrus Mobile servers over the cellular network.   A company administrator can then log in to the administrator portal through the Kyrus Mobile web site to manage phones, people and reports through a normal Internet connection.  When infractions occur, for example when the dongle is removed or Bluetooth is turned off, management and the driver can be notified through email alerts.

See The Technology In Action

    Watch the Kyrus Mobile Solution Prevent Distracted Driving

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