Make The Business Case For Cell Phone Use Liability

Let us help you make the case for the serious business liability associated with employee cell phone use.


The best place to start is to determine the company’s overall anticipated Return on Investment. Our ROI calculator provides an easy way to understand how much your company will save by implementing our solution. Once you’ve run the numbers, contact us and let us help you build your business case.

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No one individual in a company owns responsibility for employee cell phone use. A number of factions may need to be educated and involved in the end solution.

  • Risk and compliance personnel need to understand how the solution reduces risk and liability as it relates to employee cell phone use
  • HR personnel and managers need to understand how the solution enforces employee compliance with cell phone policy
  • Fleet managers and IT personnel need to understand what’s involved in the implementation and ongoing management of the solution
  • Executives need to understand how the solution can reduce risk of legal judgment and associated negative publicity

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