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KyrusFleet  Prevents The Use of Mobile Devices While Driving 

Our technology improves safety for fleet drivers and limits liability by preventing distracted driving in the workplace

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The iBeacon is provided to the driver and placed in the glove box.


The application automatically disables certain phone functions (texting, emailing, browsing, etc) when in motion; when vehicle stops, full phone use is restored.

Hands Free

Allows hands-free calls and streaming music through the Bluetooth system.

About Us

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At Kyrus Mobile, we believe that prevention is the best policy.  Companies with strong safety cultures implement policies restricting the use of phones and other mobile device while driving.  Yet simply communicating the policy and reminding employees through training and other means is not enough.  Under new government regulations and legal judgments, companies must also monitor and enforce compliance with those policies.

Risk and Liability

Every employer with a mobile work force is particularly at risk.  Whether it’s a fleet of trucks, a sales force driving to appointments, or employees checking email on the way to or from the office, when your employees use mobile devices while driving, your company is at risk.  If there is an accident and cell phones are in use, your company faces not only repair costs, potential worker compensation claims, bad publicity and higher insurance premiums, but also potentially significant legal judgments.

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Compliance & Reporting

Kyrus Mobile reduces risk and liability and eases compliance and audit requirements. If there is an incident, our system provides detailed reporting and history to support legal discovery and demonstrate that the company did everything in its power to enforce its cell phone usage policy.


Anti-tampering provisions ensure that the system is always installed and running and will alert an administrator when a device has been tampered with. A comprehensive monitoring and reporting system supplies an audit and compliance trail for legal discovery, and enables management to address violations.


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